Adapt your own Healthy Lifestyle!

The importance of balanced eating is no longer a subject of doubt! Multiple studies and experiences prouve that we are what we eat, and by controlling what we eat we automatically control what we are (Simple mathematic equation). After all we are the masters of our lives, right? However, how can they make it sound so easy? How can we control what we are (The physical part) if we are still subjects to inner conflicts (The psychological part)?  Shouldn’t we start by understanding who we are first?

Let me give you an example: You are a beautiful young women for which food is one synonym of happiness, you love to eat but some how you don’t feel right in your body. Daily, you come across a lot of Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat posts of “perfect” people with perfect sometimes incomprehensible shapes, looking effortlessly stunning, so you take the decision of changing your bad habits and adopt a whole new lifestyle, that may, and in most of cases, do not match your personality. You start putting so much pressure on yourself, stuffing your phone with 30 days challenges and calorie counter Apps, going on strict diets that make you renounce the happiness, your happiness! Few days later, you begin missing the foodOrgasms, you get more and more tired, see little or no difference and eventually become nervous and upset… What happens next? You give up, a big guilty but satisfying GIVE UP!

I gave up too, every single time I ended by abandoning and crawling back to the old me. You know why? Because those new habits didn’t represent me, they were not who I am,  the old me fitted my personality more, the old me took it easy on me! The only problem was that the old me ended always by wanting a new me! –Wait, I’m lost here, what do you mean?– I mean that the old me was not satisfied with her body, wanted to look fitter, healthier, prettier but also didn’t want to renounce on those mouth-watering bites! -Are you schizophrenic or something? I believe I am not, at least not that I’m aware of! all I know is that every person is unique in this word and deserves a unique program that reflects her best. I mean who said that the 30 days challenges are for everybody? Does it have to be 30 days so that it works? Couldn’t we come up with less strict and agressive routines? Can’t we do good to our bodies without pressure and rush? Hell yeah we can!  

The answers to those questions are exactly the reason why I decided to come up with a lifestyle that suits and represents me.  And since I think that a lot of people are exhausted running into that same cycle, I decided to share it with you 🙂

First, I started to read about nutrition. The first part of apprehending the who you are journey starts by understanding your body, what it needs, how it functions and how can you optimise its performances. After all, your body is where you live, your home, and trust me, if you didn’t have the power or the chance to build it from scratch, you have definitely the power to reconsider its interior design and exterior decoration. Let’s summarise by saying that to have a clearer view of our home (body), it is from architecture (nutrition) that awareness should begin.

My following post “Learn about nutrition in a Blink” presents a brief summary of what I consider to be a must read about nutrition.


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